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Here at C. Kramer Interiors, one of the fun things we do is help our clients choose just the right colors for their home. By way of starting out our blog we thought it would be fun to talk about popular color trends for 2014 and what is trending for home interiors in particular. The good news on color trends is there are lots of color directions available on the market. The bad news is with so many choices out there it can be confusing as to what color palette is just right for you. We hope you will subscribe to our blog, and enjoy exploring color, as well as other aspects of design, as we "blog" along! Let's start out by demystify the new color palettes for 2014.

A Look At "color Of The Year" Choices From Three Popular Color Companies.

At the beginning of each year Pantone, world authority and color forecaster on all things color, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both high quality paint companies that we recommend here at C.K. Interiors, all release their "color of the year" for 2014. We can expect to see a lot of these colors this spring and summer in the clothing, interior decorating and entertaining market. When you see the 2014 color palettes in our upcoming blogs you'll see how these "color of the year" choices fit into many of the various 2014 color palettes that these companies forecast for our markets.

One cost effective way to give your interior a fun face lift is to use a "color of the year" for accents and keep the more expensive areas neutral. Don't like these colors? Don't worry, there are lots of great up to date palettes out there. What is most important is that we are happy with the "color mood" we choose for our own personal spaces. The "color of the year" idea is just a way for the color companies to kind of distill into one color statement a fun mood and direction that they see color trending into the future. Let's take a look at what they liked!

Sherwin Williams "Exclusive Plum"


Here in "Exclusive Plum" we see a palette that is simple and quiet. This is a color you might see at twilight. This color is stunning in metallic fabrics to create a "glow" or pair it with metallic gold or silver as seen here in the pillows. This unassuming color works well in a supporting role when you want to emphasize structure, shape or pattern in your design. For a livelier look pair "Exclusive Plum" with creamy whites, pops of strong magenta or chartreuse.

Pantone "Radiant Orchid"


Playful, rich, unafraid, adventurous and unapologetic, "Radiant Orchid" takes Sherwin William's "Exclusive Plum" and dials up the color a notch. "Radiant Orchid" is a tinted balance of equal amounts of blue and red. Pair it with grass green, soft blues and pinks for a light easy look. For a sophisticated couture, and more formal look pair it with deep magenta or raisin and glimmers of antique gold.

Benjamin Moore "Breath Of Fresh Air"


This soft, warm veiled sky blue pairs beautifully with closely connected, natural colors and natural materials. It pairs well with either warm or cool grays or metallic. What a great color when you want to create a simple intimate, quiet and soothing retreat.

We hope you enjoy our blog and will decide to subscribe so you don't miss any exciting installments! We would love to hear from you. Tell us what design subjects you would like us to discuss and we will. In the coming weeks we look forward to exploring with you the wonderful world of color so stay tuned for future installments as we look more closely at fun 2014 color palettes!

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