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Do you ever wonder how color can symbolize ideas and things? This strong modern color palette called "Physicality" (developed by the color people at Pantone) is a good example of how color can be used to refer to ideas about our physical world. This palette explores ideas about power and energy counterbalanced by introspection and calmness. Read on to see how they do it!

Deep strong grays symbolizing power and authority are paired with a saturated and acidified ocher which is used as a foil to the grays. I think of rock, iron, steel and even commerce with these strong colors. These authoritative colors need another color family for balance and relief. This is achieved using healing shades lavender. When used together, these toned lavenders and grays are strongly soulful and deeply calming. The ocher adds a pop of complementary color relieving what could otherwise become monotonous using only grays and lavenders. For touches of glamor and light, add whites or metallic finishes to this palette. In this case the ocher could be eliminated!

"Physicality" color palette is well suited to modern, transitional and eclectic furniture and architectural styles and is not gender specific. Check out the pictures using the color palette "Physicality". Wow

b2ap3 thumbnail Physicality from Stout b2ap3 thumbnail physicality room with chair b2ap3 thumbnail physicality room b2ap3 thumbnail physicality collage1 b2ap3 thumbnail physicality collage2

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