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Are you looking for a light filled, positive, and energetic atmosphere in your home environment? Do you crave a little cheer and color in your life? If you said yes, you are looking for the "Fluidity" color palette from Pantone! Think cooling salt water seas and warm summer days, and you have this cheerfully bright, color palette. No grays here, just simple primary and secondary colors toned just the right amount. This palette is being shown this year in summer clothing, make-up, accessories, housewares, and electronic goods. Used judiciously, it is great when used in home interiors.


Use parts of the "Fluidity" color palette as accents in your artwork, accessories and window treatments to create energy and bring in reflected light. Temper the palette with white or off white neutrals as shown here...


...or go wild and fill a room with color! Balance the palette with pattern, scale and texture.


This color palette works well when you want a cheery, light filled, youthful atmosphere inside your home or in your garden. If you are craving color in your life this palette will attract the eye and become a dominate feature in your living environment. When used judiciously, this pallet can be great fun used as accents. If you are craving splashes of water colors to jazz up your life, consider this bright playful palette.

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