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Balance and Strength in the Physical World

Do you ever wonder how color can symbolize ideas and things? This strong modern color palette called "Physicality" (developed by the color people at Pantone) is a good example of how color can be used to refer to ideas about our physical world. This palette explores ideas about power and energy counterbalanced by introspection and calmness. Read on to see how they do it!

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The Influence Of Technology

Here is a strong unconventional color palette for 2014 called "TECHNO". It was put together by the color people at Pantone. This palette speaks of the influence of technology on today's world. The palette features strong saturated and vibrant colors with deep hues and unexpected color combinations. The bohemian look is in and this palette lends itself to that carefree, avant-garde style. Here Emerald Green is paired with Dark Citron, Exuberant Orange is paired with deep purple, grayed deep Majolica Blue is paired with a bright Methyl Blue.

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Target Pairs Up with Top Pinners on Pinterest

As part of our outreach here at C Kramer Interiors, we have been having fun pinning up a storm on Pinterest. If you have explored Pinterest even a little you already know there are lots and lots of ideas to look at and share. It is an electronic bulletin board of sorts. It's a great place to gather ideas in one spot and share ideas with friends (and your designer!) when you are working on a project. You can conveniently link to us on Pinterest right from our web page or find us at http://pinterest.com/kramerinteriors. While cruising around on Pinterest we found some interesting information about upcoming colors and designs that retailers will have on the market this summer and fall. Target is paring up with three top pinner/blogger/designers starting this month. Here is some info...

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New Color Palettes for 2014

Here at C. Kramer Interiors, one of the fun things we do is help our clients choose just the right colors for their home. By way of starting out our blog we thought it would be fun to talk about popular color trends for 2014 and what is trending for home interiors in particular. The good news on color trends is there are lots of color directions available on the market. The bad news is with so many choices out there it can be confusing as to what color palette is just right for you. We hope you will subscribe to our blog, and enjoy exploring color, as well as other aspects of design, as we "blog" along! Let's start out by demystify the new color palettes for 2014.

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